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The bathroom of tomorrow for Roca


Tomorrow’s bathroom is more like to be a place of living, a place of rest, self-refreshment  and grand comfort  with cutting edge design and aesthetic aspects. The bathroom is likely to be medical and sport center of the home.


Edge, is a modular furniture with a discrete and elegant personality. Constantly changing composition within every detail. A Project of geometric purity ,futuristic style and advanced planning solutions for new concepts in future living. Edge is composed of 4 different components: Mobi, washbasin, toilet and bathtub.


Mobi is the new feature that Edge presents. It is modular and interactive.It is complementary to every  feature of the bathroom. When attached, gives the feature some extra uses. It is also a stand alone piece. It contains scale and treadmill which makes available to do sport in the bathroom. It's tablet compatible granting internet access. 


With the mirror, it is possible to load  individual preset preferences for background music ,room lighting and air fresher  fragrance- for the chosen  preset -  providing the bathroom a new ambiance.

It is a touch screen mirror which has video and audio connection with tablet.

When attached, Mobi transforms the water closet to an ergonomic seating and creates a comfy place for personal care.

Project partner: M. Demet Ogutler

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