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Modern Brazier & Coffee Table


Retro is a multi-functional product that unites the braziers made of brass, copper or bronze, which were used for heating in homes, mansions and palaces in Anatolia, with today's spaces, modern life and needs, and combines them with Turkish natural stones.


Environmentally friendly Bioethanol fireplace located in the center adds aesthetic value to the space with the visuality of the heat and the movement of the flame on the light-permeable onyx surface.


The glass / metal surface in the form of a ring placed on top allows the product to be used as a coffee table.


The copper / brass top cover and the bottom tray, which also functions as a magazine holder, are the elements that strengthen the connection of the design with the traditional brazier.


Retro, with its modular structure, can be personalized with different natural stone and metal finishes. The fireplace-free versions are suitable for the use of natural stones that do not have light transmittance.


Its minimal and timeless design allows for different uses such as a coffee table with/without magazine holder or a flower pot especially for outdoor spaces.

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